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Vocabulary games

Letter Twist

Letter Twist is a fast-paced word game in which you try to unscramble words by swapping letters.
Click the letters to swap their positions.
Control Scheme:
fire: left mouse
movement: mouse

Trolley Dash

Описание флеш игры Trolley Dash:
У вас есть 60 секунд, чтобы собрать продукты по списку.
Собрав все продукты, включенные в Список покупок вы перейдете на следующий уровень.
Управление игрой Trolley Dash:
Используй мышку

Word Search 3

A popular high scores game Word Search is back! This time with 10 categories from popular TV series!
Find all the words from the list on the right as fast as possible! Submit your score to see who is the best! To select the word press on the letter and drag to select it!

Illustrated Sports Crossword

Jumbly Themed Crosswords presents: A puzzle for sports fans. Cryptic / humorous clues make this crossword fun and yet none-too-easy for native English speakers...The option of viewing a visual picture clue means that it is suitable for non-sports fans and even to English language learners. Persevere to complete the puzzle - the animation and music are worth it ! Theme = Sports. Game Type = Crosswords
Click on a tile to see the clue. If both up and down clues are available, click again to get the "down" clue. The Crossword clues are cryptic and (hopefully) funny. If they are TOO cryptic, click on the button to get a visual clue.

Word Smash

Word Smash is a competitive spelling game where you must create words to keep the board clear.

  • fire: left mouse
  • movement: mouse

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