Упражнение 1

Замените выделенные слова/фразы подходящими вариантами.


  1. A: Hello, Dave! How`s life? Fancy going to the cinema tomorrow?

  2. B: Hm, tomorrow? Let me think. At what time?
    A: At 12 o`clock exactly.

  3. A: I'm sorry, I can't be there at 12 o`clock. I've got something else planned.

  4. B: Well, is 3 p.m. OK?
    A: Yeah, that sounds OK to me.

  5. B: Right, I look forward to seeing you.
    A: Yes, see you in a very short time.

  6. C: Mr. Taylor, this is Brian May. I'm phoning to ask you if it would be possible for us to meet?
    D: Yes, sure. I would be glad to meet you.

    Why don’t we set an appointment right now?

  7. C: Would Tuesday evening satisfy you?

  8. D: Tuesday evening? Just a moment, I need to consult my diary.

    No, I'm sorry. I have another meeting at this time. And shall we stop on Tuesday afternoon?

    C: Tuesday afternoon? Yes, that` s fine. I'm looking forward to meeting you.