Упражнение 2

Заполните пропуски подходящими вариантами.


  1. E: Mr. Jackson, hello. This is Duncan McLeod . I'm very sorry, but we've got a problem on Wednesday. Could we the date of our meeting?
  2. F: Yes, of course. Would you like to our meeting or forward?
  3. I’d rather not it.
  4. E: I think we should definitely meet. Would it be possible to meet the weekend?
  5. F: No, this weekend isn't possible, I’m afraid. But I have time on Thursday noon and Friday evening.
  6. E: Well, for me it would be convenient to meet on Friday. I'll arrive London tomorrow. I`ll my arrival by a phone call.

    F: Deal Mr. May. So see you this Friday evening. Have a nice flight.
    E: See you soon Mr. Taylor. Good bye.