Упражнение 1

  1. James: Hello, Is that Chuck Berry? This is James Brown calling.
    Chuck: Yeah, it’s me, James. Speaking.
    James: Am I you?
  2. Is it to call?
  3. Chuck: It`s Ok.
    James: Well, I`m phoning to make you an offer. Would you like to take part in the record of my new album?
    Chuck: What did you say? To take part in what?
  4. James: In my new album! You can’t hear me, can you? This shitty line is !
    I’ll call you back in a few second.
  5. James: (a few seconds later) So, how about taking part in the record of my new album?
    Chuck: Sounds great. I’m sure it will be fun. But I’ve got to check my tour schedule.
    James: Excellent. Could you tell me about your final decision next week, please? Chuck: I will.
    James: , I think (2) .
  6. Chuck: Well, thanks, pal, for inviting me. It was a to talk to you.
  7. James: I’m from you.
  8. Chuck: Bye for , James.
    James: Good bye, Chuck!