Упражнение 1

Вставьте артикль a/an или the.

I have a dog. The dog is very funny.

  1. Mary works in (1) office. (2) office is in (3) new building.
  2. (4) building where Mary works is not far from (5) large park. There are a lot of pine-trees in (6) park.
  3. Mary sometimes goes for (7) walk in (8) park near her office during her lunch-break.
  4. John is (1) tourist in Paris. He sees (2) policeman. He comes up to (3) policeman.
  5. John asks him, “Excuse me, is there (4) good restaurant near here?”
  6. I have (1) very good computer dictionary. (2) dictionary is ABBYY Lingvo 8. I recommend you to use (3) dictionary!
  7. Where’s (1) boss? He’s never late.