”пражнение 2

Fill in the blanks.

If she _____ free tomorrow, sheТll go to the cinema.
If she is free tomorrow, sheТll go to the cinema.

  1. The sky is very dark. It to rain.
  2. I stop smoking. I really will.
  3. Tom says heТll look in to see John before he London.
  4. Until he better heТll stay at home.
  5. When Ann school sheТll go to university.
  6. Tom, you do me a favour?
  7. WeТd like to know when Tom back?
  8. We donТt think we this book in time unless Tom helps us.
  9. Our boss give us the day off.
  10. get off the train until it stops.
  11. Bill may this chair so long as he doesnТt keep it too long.
  12. Provided that she doesnТt eat meat, she wonТt ill.
  13. When they going to visit us?