Упражнение 2

Fill in the blanks with do / did / are / have.

Where _____ people use to get salt from?
Where did people use to get salt from?

  1. We not see Tom yesterday.
  2. How long they lived there?
  3. you seen her today?
  4. When you go to Spain?
  5. you think she is an efficient secretary?
  6. you know her three years ago?
  7. She know Tom.
  8. you been to France?
  9. you been crying?
  10. Why you do that?
  11. I been chopping tomatoes.
  12. We been strolling in the park when he came up to us.
  13. What they doing in the boat?
  14. Why you leave us?
  15. you painted the wall?
  16. She already come back from skating and she’s a bit tired.