Упражнение 3

Fill in the blanks.

She was _____ potatoes when he came.
She was chopping potatoes when he came.

  1. Kate was walking home when the wind her scarf off.
  2. By 4 o’clock he answered all the letters he had received.
  3. She felt sick because she drunk too much.
  4. It was growing dark so he to give me a lift.
  5. Tom and Kate had not since that terrible day.
  6. She me to her father.
  7. The rain passed and the air was fresh and cold.
  8. As soon as she the chance she asked Tom what he knew of the accident.
  9. No sooner had she mowing the lawn than it started raining.
  10. The children had been for 3 hours when the teacher told them to stop working.