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Уровень Upper-Intermediate

Урок 1. Инфинитив / The Infinitive

Тема 4. Конструкция «Именительный падеж с инфинитивом».
Особенности употребления. Indefinite Infinitive и Continuous Infinitive /
Длительный Инфинитив в рамках конструкции «Именительный падеж с инфинитивом».


Выберите правильный вариант.

  1. He is said to … a new poem.
  2. We are likely … problems with our visas.
  3. The criminals must … to the South to cross the boarder and disappear.
  4. She is supposed … next Tuesday.
  5. He doesn't say, but he seems … you.
  6. The businessman is believed … $1000000 a week.
  7. This student is unlikely … all the exams this term.
  8. I happened … at the hotel where I met my old friend.
  9. You must … everything you have heard here.
  10. You can’t … really so!

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