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Название: Applied Science
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Grassroots
Год: 1994
Язык: Английский

    Nod your head to this as a lot of apprentice Some of this were standing on the shoulder of giants Some tryants some benevolent To the followers it's relevant The rest get bent on lending opinions I'm sending to a brand new level I revel in completion delition of suckers Getting served like Smuckers Jam Fool know rules but the rest keep bouncing back With the lack of further adieu see As one can deduce we Slam the shit out hard and long Cuz we got more song Something you might like now All-star bound Yeah your so sound Cool as the blue water all around From a force field flashing Aliens are sending Black evolutions of love you are hearing The dark supernatural is the world we call Our own home lightning in the mind comes out in song But we're wild they say never trust us we're shady In lieu of the crew your into we are baby Cuz music will be coming out the words we speak We erect breakbeats shatter wax still on the platter Our shit is badder we come fly then we scatter Cuz we deep and we solid yeah we hear ya holler Electricity running through is all that feels good Sometimes the only thing that really ever could Feed that hunger I crave it I love it I gave it I shove it in a battery and save it for later A waiter in the Dorothy C. Pavilion in '89 I met some wierdos and had myself a real good time Downtown L.A. is a soul graveyard Where you got to be hard or get jacked It lacked a certain sense of something Something basic no karm in he least I broke east You know I had to face it I guess I flaked but it was no mistake because 311's got the boom My mic check is giving me Electric company I can't see the high wide sky Or stars above me Are you a flower Or more like a high rise tower If so the soul of sweet delight On you will shower There's a place for us they say is somewhere Not a dream but a place and you will be there Your slippin' but content because your spirit And hills are alive with the sound of music People never see the whole trip of life man Grab knowledge and all you do is syph

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