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Название: Paradise
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Music
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    Everything you do it comes back to you. Whatever it may be. If it isn't one thing rest assured that something. Will come back and pay you for your deed A shortcut's a self defeating means, if you cannot do it clean. You'll never reach your reward. And when the day is done, what you receive is the sum. Of what you took out, from what you put in. Times deep in a dream seem a veiled realm. Shadows what I think and feel is real. Times in our tribe feel the tribe when we thrive. We have no fear of death and no fear of life. I can't forget you and our version of paradise. I can't forget you and our version of paradise. Everything you do it comes back to you, whatever it may be. What you did as a devil or did as an angel. The favor returns itself somehow. If you take my money I'll buy you a drink and you'll see. That no one rides for free. Afraid of what I said then your mind is stricken. I'm wearing my heart sleeveless and I'm always up for kickin'. This is my favorite city pity everywhere the enemy. From the beginning serious history Nothing's ever given to no one. Rides for free. From the beginning radiant energy's Music what I need to keep my sanity. I say we fear no evolution stand up musical revolution. Follow me now when I say we can never stop in we never give. Cuz this is how we breathe and live. Some of them whine and some of them bitch. They cannot do it we never switch. We do it for ourselves and we do it for you. If you don't like it well I hope you do. I've got to be honest.

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