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Название: Nix Hex
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Music
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    Story time Sways away the haze of Days spent contemplating, formulating, Theory searing above me swimming Paying tribute to the few we look up to come again You my soul food Who will know us but our brothers Those who down with us are thinking New school, Tip top, Pound the feeble Walking And talking Low down And evil Follow me now Yo Vato The nix hex is on Well everybody just look at the hook I took it straight from my brain Reminds me of the time I was insane And so I wrote it when I was loaded And voted the least likely to turn out like a square But then I'm singing it for your mind and know I'm singing it for your ears Jump up and down and leave the ground and know that's why your here And they say down diggy down down, down diggy diggy down,stronger, longer Wind up your waist of know what I'm thinking say it again And now I'm with my home team back with a good seat I gladwick like chadwick tell you what I mean Were laying back on it just like good sex Smooth yet physcadelic its called the nix hex-um The monologue of a singalong Las banderas de san juan piden pa "I'm feelin' fine, lord it's time"? Go tell it on a mountain ,then again bring a friend You may begin Dizzy with a scence of vertigo Uplifted soul from the view that I'm on Nothin' but love But love But love in my blood sonic in the vortex This is the hip thing Called the nix hex Dig it

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