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Название: Sever
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Soundsystem
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Just sever that leash and release Your freedom of speech You just have to believe Your deed will be received Somehow somewhere You won't be repaid with a blank stare Let me know if you dare There's no one that could cure you like she does she does No one could leave you so alone Here I goes My vibe is holy My eyes closed Either I'm asleep Or what I'm thinkin is deep Eventually I sigh and kick the sheets Try to piece together why I'm here Nothing except my own damn eyes and ears And then it severs so I listen to my heart Always and ever If it's not good it might get better If it's not good it might just sever I tell you money there's other honey You always show it but you don't know it Staring at the door thinking About the mess your in In your couch sinking deep Over the girl that's gone Now all you think about her drink about her in vain But all else feels like you're betraying We're wakin it up face up and shakin it up We know of an extended field This is the deal we're letting and getting The vibes that we want Open up your heart and proceed to feel Now you're inchin up to the summit never plummet Boot your system up And then bail with the middle finger up Why you so abrupt baby don't be corrupt Standing in the club playin the wall That they're not her is all You think and that is true But what else can you do Trying to turn back time Or just tow the line Cuz the space you're in Is no place like home

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