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Название: Evolution
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Soundsystem
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    My computer is future shockin' Download this and you'll start talkin' Upgraded you're now walkin' Compatible with all that is rockin' Comin' on fast it's gettin' digital It's so huge like a spiritual Rippling out to every individual This is life it is a miracle Evolution has expontential timing it'll be Half as long til the next breakthrough that Blows are mind It's up to the people to brave on with Experimentation Move forth the species by using our Imagination But can we handle it Could we dismantle it Or should we fear the void and just be Para-paranoid If it's understood it could be used for good And would If you will believe in all we can concieve On the periodic table they got it all wrong Let me lay it down for you in this song People want PT They want AU Lemme tell you what you really ought to do Figure out ways to master silicon Fiber optic connectors Whatevers beyond So many people don't even attempt to understand The limitless possibilities of man I feel trapped I gotta adapt Remain calm collected Before I get zapped My computer is a rebel acting all fine And just like that payin' me no mind What's up is it's program overcome by a glitch Is it becoming concsious and if so aint that a bitch I paid too much for this piece I'll be damned if it tries Any funny business it'll be the one that pays the price Yes can we handle it We could we dismantle it We should not fear the void and just be para-paranoid If it's understood it could be used for good and would If you will believe in all we can concieve

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