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Название: Mindspin
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Soundsystem
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Are you missing us Maybe wanting to be kissing us If you must Then please don't be dismissing us When we're gone bailin on the bus Are we immersed in a sea of replicants Hard exteriors and fake gold fronts Losing yourself in the flavor of the month Gotta be a better reason to colonize a star Gotta be a better reason man's come so far Is that you in the mama-ocean-people-sea Is that you in this dream I see waving me Closer with one hand While the other shields your eyes as if surprised To see the universe begin Being up on the mindspin Are you still glad that it has been Six years and seven months This is what you want don't front I'm feelin it right now In this, the gold hour Part clock and part man Reconciling my life span Keeping things whole We move out of the space where air flows When all of a sudden here we are and here we go The evolutionary mind turns twists backflips In space-time The continuum Real-life planetarium It's a natural fact Time is speeding up There isn't much left Heart rate increasing Bustin' through your chest Compressed Is your life in the physical But out of memory comes a vision Which is a miracle Yeah that Normally we just can't see It's not natural or typical Of our same old thing Livin' too fast Unable to grasp the past Or the future When at last we ripple After our big splash You remain and refrain From the pain of wasted time The last thing on my mind is Running high fuel supply Reason why We just don't quit Can you get with A melding of two minds What's the worst thing You could find A paper trail That prevails In demystification People Want to believe In mysteries People Want to believe In mysteries Is the truth so bad? Is the truth so bad? Is the truth so bad? Is the truth so bad?

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