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Название: No Control
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Transistor
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    Do you want me to cry? Cry for you How can you say That you're blue A rich rock star you are Yet you still complain That's insane Imagine if you Had a child of two You're a single mom With a son named two You work a long hard day Just to bill pay With no time to play Then what would you say Still in this world what it means to me Losin' my grip as I trip on anomalies My third eye is the prize of unflyin' horus The pleadies will smash out of taurus Energy pure decompose in the porous Soil of life moving on it's courses Crystals 'neaththe surface radiate the cycle Combing minerals they will flex and let go Toxically were built to never last Cuz the waste we make all day Steady growin' fast I get up intake my blue-green algae let it penetrate Strengthen my grasp Holistic healers dealin' our galactic growth Reversin' fx of shit wrecked Chernobyl Wanna take it further Let's take that funk further Wanna take it further Let's take that love further We've all got pain that's real And we should say how we feel And i've felt so alone But I know i've always got a home The question i'm upserving Is am I really deserving Gamma waves bacterial plagues Cow mutilations all the time Not to mention visitations More than 2000 years Of fuckin' with our fears The only thing true We gotta love each other Try to keep a positive vibe They make it tough for ya You're cut off and lonely While you hustle for dough We can overcome the wrongs While we're reachin' the point Stick together all forever Now continue to flow

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