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Название: Starshines
Исполнитель: 311
Альбом: Transistor
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    I am a music lover and some how I get paid This song would still exist if no money was made That's the difference I summed it up in a sentence I'm sittin' here perfectly still cuz I've got No p;ace to go Be about two months until we light up The show follow me now I sing of Spring it's a marvelous thing What else swing the thing you bring Yo I gotta say hola Orange county to Angola I go back to the beat It never lets me down Zone in and let it Rola I deem stream of sweat that connects me to you I still be about that thing you do We dip dip dive and herbalize I don't look over my shoulder but I know There are spies But then long time crew Stuck like glue You never let me down Always came through Always kept the flow Even when you didn't know Don't ask us We make it up as we go Seems like people are the viruses And earth is simply tired of us So many headz what if something would give And kill off our race Maybe diseases from space Arriving from a comet With a trail left for the planet Say the wake it created was the start of the end Filled with spores that we engineered Plant pathogens What's in the future for the view is many changes Humans could be in danger What would you eat to be a remainder As your food is maimed To take you out the frame Some would vaporize Some would remain The same suckers with no cares about The wave of the world I feel Their lives are destined for hard times too There's a parallel universe that might be blocked But by emotion we put in to it we could unlock I'm not sayin' we could escape fate tunneling in this vast Untranslatable energy filled of dust and ash

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