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Название: Come & Go
Исполнитель: 50 CENT
Альбом: Curtis
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    [50 Cent] I make 'em move I make 'em move I make it hot up in here Look around, see what we got up in here [Chorus: repeat 2X] Bring 'em in, kick 'em out, bring 'em in, kick 'em out Bring 'em in, you ain't freakin we ain't speakin bitch Bring 'em in, kick 'em out, bring 'em in, kick 'em out Bring 'em in, it's Dr. Dre, 50 Cent trick [50 Cent] They said we couldn't do it, look now, I did it I topped "In Da Club," I'm still sippin the bubb' The drama I'm widdit, I get biz, you get it I breezed on that shiddit, I split your widdig That's why a nigga bit it, I can't forget it I said I didn't do it, witnesses said I did it I'm fresh out on bail, my Benz is all kitted Five TV's, my rims is so siddick I cruise through your bitch and just fall in love with it Baby come in - girl I wanna give it to you Once I'm in - in sum, I'm a freak with it Money come quiddick, hot shit I spit it G-Unit kitted, blue New York fitted Shorty wanna cut, oh yeah, I'm with it She come to my hotel room, she know she gon' get it It's exercise, my homey he been waitin He next to ride [Chorus] [50 Cent - singing] People always talkin 'bout My reputation~! I don't love 'em, I don't need 'em I don't love 'em, I don't need 'em, I don't love 'em I don't care, what she do, with him It's all good with me Soo-oooh-ooooooooh [50 Cent] Yeah They can't do it how I do it, I'm #1, I knew it I thug, do my thang, and gangsters bop to it It's hit after hit, damn I'm on the road I'm like James Brown now, man I got soul Naw I ain't a pimp but HELL YEAH I got hoes I was born due to this, when I breathe I make a killin You think I'm bullshittin, my money touchin the ceiling Can't buy condos, I'm buyin the building I'm pissin the wrong women, R. Kelly do it to children You bet against me boy, I'ma hurt your feelings Cause over and over I'ma keep on winnin My Rolls Royce tinted, your Phantom rented That's why we never ever ever see you in the hood with it Man e'rybody know, like e'rywhere I go When 50 in the club shit just go out of control You can blame it on Em, or blame it on Dre; okay~!

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