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Название: Time To Chill
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    [Fresh Prince] For years I have been waitin and hesitatin to make a rap record, that had the pace of a slow song, quiet storm, chillin while the fire is warm You and your girl, with this record on your radio or stereo, I don't know I love you so is what you'll be sayin, while this record's playin You reminscin and kissin your girl Relax, lay back, unwind, cause now is time to chill Setting the mood, by the use of this groove is an ingenious, perceptive, brilliant, a very clever move Because the bassline, combined with the fresh rhyme at a slow tempo enticed passion to grow But if it's not passion, for which you search then use the song as a massage after a hard day's work And if it's true that music calms the savage beast Play this cut in the jungle and put the lions to sleep Take a deep breath, stretch, kick off your footwear Put on the tape of this record, but beware Caution, warning, it's your decision There's nothin stronger that you can buy, without prescription It's soothing, somewhat hypnotic A rhythmic anesthetic it's practically a narcotic You want it? We got it -- come get it we're widdit Because it's all at the push of a button, yo Jeff, hit it! The objective, of this musical extravaganza is to enlighten you, stanza by stanza Verse after verse, have been precisely arranged Rearranged and then changed until the best remained The result being, this incredible song So for at least eight hours a day, you'll have this record on In the morning and at night in your room And all through the afternoon, you will be listening, mentally rapped up in the cut Some people will sit down and some will choose to get up But whatever you choose, just keep your ear to the wax Because we got somethin def that other rappers lack We haven't been able to put our fingers on what it is But it's different and it's def and it appeals to kids and teens and adults and senior citizens too And I'd be willing to bet, that it appeals to you, too! So if you're not into rap, give us a chance to change your mind, and to make you dance to this lyrical miracle, this musical discovery But yo I wanna chill for a second, yo Jeff, cover me It's like paradise, this music is nice It makes you hot if you want it too, or twice as cold as ice It brings love to the heart of a criminal With this subliminal power, all the women'll flock while all the guys rocks, when it's on your box It gained us a much bigger reputation than the White Sox You may ask yourself are we that famous? Bust this, the Queen of Spain knows what my real name is Our time is runnin short so I'll bid you farewell You know this cut is so def, that you have been overwhelmed Be cool, be chill, relax, have no fear.. .. I'm outta here

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