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Название: Pump Up The Bass
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    [Fresh Prince] In the place to be DJ Jazzy Jeff and yours truly the Fresh Prince Ay Jeff, do me a favor, give em just a lil' TOUCH of the bass Not a lot, just a lil' touch Jeff Word word Ay Jeff do me a favor man, Jazz it up Now bring it all back Yo man now break it down and let me go for mine When I first started out, Jeff used to come to my house Just as soon as school let out, he used to come to my crib, and you know what we did? We bugged out like two little kids, word Jeff on the wheels, and me on the M.I.C. A better combination there could never be So let's go back, for old time's sake Yo Jeff! (WHAT?) Pump up the bass! I . like . my . music . loud! The volume, pumpin, the kickdrum thumpin The people jumpin, up out there seats when this record comes on, you think something's wrong The bass is too strong You don't have to check your record, it's not defective It's just the way we wanted it, pump it, get it? We like it loud, strong like a magnum force I am the lyricist, Jeff is the rhythm source This combination, is virtually omnipotent That means invincible, you know, dominant So don't you cross our path, just stay out our face Or we'll knock you down, pump up the bass! Yo Jeff man, how bout a funky scratch Now get funky with it Now bring in the snare Now break it down and bring it all back to me Now pump up the bass! I'm hyped -- psyched up and I'm flowin, so come on let's go in to the next segment, of this hip-hop fantasy You say this can't be happening, why can't it be? It's an equation, mathematically correct It's Jeff + Prince, equals, hit records Sounds too easy? Word, I know it does You wanna know why? Well yo it's cause me and Jeff, oh, Jeff and I, excuse me blend like Kool-Aid, and flow like an uzi That's why we can't be taken or broken or braken, whatever And if you think we can, you're mistaken, we're clever cause all we did to make this record a hit was turn down the treble, pump up the bass kit at the same time the volume was increased adding more strength, to this masterpiece of poetry, by now you know it's me Poet, creativity, pushin, to out destiny I am on the M-I-C, Jeffery is the Disc Jockey ? keep us company, the human beat box Ready C Backed up by a family, and that is all we need so that we can be successful as we want to be The future is in front of me so here is a taste of the future of hip-hop Jeff, pump up the bass! Yo Jeff one more scratch man Ready Rock C man, give Jeff a hand

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