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Название: Let's Get Busy Baby
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    Mmm! Say baby, you got some fries to go with that shake? Ay what are you man? Yo man, that is NO way to talk to a woman man Man! I =BEEN= talkin to girls, man what are you talkin about? That girl looks =GOOD= Man look, you just, you buggin man, you know what you said? Okay, okay, alright, =YOU= show me how to talk to a lady [Fresh Prince] Aight, bet, uhh sweetheart? Listen up toots I like your looks I used to see girls like you in them girlie books I'm losin my mind, but it's not lost yet I'd pay a thousand dollars just to see your sihlouette Red is the rose's color, blue is the violet's Here's my number baby, when you get home, dial it up I'll be your man and you can be my lady and YOU can come to my house, and we can get busy baby Girl.. for..get about your boyfriend, he's nothin but a hassle You can come with me and cold chill in my castle Oh what a wonderful time it would be, imagine -- -- you and me, in my jacuzzi or horseback ridin or we can play tennis But, the most intimate part will be when it's time to eat dinner, we'll go get dressed And then we'll give a call to Antonie, my private chef First we'll eat crablegs, by candlelight Then sip wine by the fire for the rest of the night And if the time is right, I'll ask you to be my lady and we can dip right upstairs and get busy baby You know since I first met you, I wanted to let you know how I felt, so I could get you to treat me like a phone and take me off hold and make your hero come so I can pour my heart and soul I can't help but dream about the ultimate life Two kids, a dog, a goldfish . and you as my wife We'd have a rosebush, with a white picket fence and all the neighborhood kids would call me Mr. Prince And on the lazy Saturday afternoons right after me and the kids get finished watching cartoons we could send them both outside to go playin And we could spend some time upstairs, get what I'm sayin? The only problem, that we would have is whether or not to drive the Porsche, the Benz, or the Jag And every night before bed, flip the radio on and sip Dom Perignon to the quiet storm Gucci, Louis Vuitton, you want more? Gloria Vanderbilt or Liz Claiborne or Christian Dior from head to foot The world is yours if you'll be my toots Ohhh I know what your problem is Look those other chicks are just good friends I'll give up my harem if you'll be my lady C'mon whaddya say, huh? Let's get busy baby Look, be honest, c'mon, don't lie Tell the truth . I'm a hell of a guy, right? Pretty smile, light brown eyes I've got miles on them other guys, face it You could search America, Russia or Germany but never will you find another man equivalent to me But let's discuss it, perhaps over lunch about how I'll be your poopsie, and you will be my hunybunch "Now isn't that special?" Why ain't you widdit? You'll be my only girl, yeah, that's the ticket Life's a risky business, babe you know the deal Sometimes you just gotta say what the hell Now is that time, roll for the money Life is a gamble but I'm a sure thing honey Girl, you know you drivin me crazy So how bout it, come on, let's get busy baby

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