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Название: My Buddy
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    [Fresh Prince] I'd like to know, are you really for some super-dynamite soul? Introducing the world's greatest entertainer The amazing Mr. Beat-Beat himself The hardest working beatbox in showbusiness Ready Rock! [RR] Ready, Ready Rock, Ready Rock C [FP] Tell em your name, tell em your name [RR] Ready Rock, Ready Rock, Ready Rock, Ready Rock C [FP] Ooh that was nice Ready [RR] Ready Rock, rrrrrrrrrrrrr Ready Rock [FP] Hey man, hold up man I think I wanna tell em a little about this man Aight break it down Ready, break it down [Fresh Prince] Please pay attention, to my rhymes so I can tell you all about this pal of mine He's my buddy, my best friend When it's a beat I need it's a beat he'll land I wanna take time-out, to talk about him Cause frankly I don't know what I would do without him We work together like a medical crew When I'm backin Ready up {I'm backin Prince up too} Tryin to beat us, that doesn't make any sense He's Ready Rock C, and I'm the Fresh Prince In the rap industry we're ranked at first Ain't a better combination in the whole UNIVERSE So if you wanna battle your future looks muddy That you just can't beat, my buddy Word, break it down break it down Ready We've won so many battles, people think it's a trick that when the crowd gets to judge it's US that they'll pick They see Ready's face and then they hear my voice To choose us as the winners is the natural choice Because battle after battle we remain on top Cause it's not the way we look, it's the way that we rock So if you thought you wanted to battle, bust this rhyme Just keep it and I'm sure that I can change your mind There was ten wack dudes tryin to play high post One crew got bold and they began to boast but said, "Y'all SHUT UP and get back in line" But they refused {what happened now?} So now there's nine Nine wack crews tryin to rock like this They were bitin my rhymes and just couldn't resisit I said please stop bitin, please don't imitate But they kept on bitin, so there's now there's eight Eight wack crews poppin big time trash Tellin us that in a battle we can't last The battle started at 10:30 and by quarter of eleven was no longer eight crews (how many was they?) There was seven Seven wack cruise in a football huddle Tryin to figure out their next rebuttle They came out strength, you think ?? The Ultimate but we just dissed em and dismissed, so now there's six Six wack groups, tryin to be tough Who the hell told em they could rock the mic like us" We got ? down the business didn't pop no jive We just {Whoosh} blew em out, so now there's five Five wack crews lined up in the hallway All perpetratin like they're read to play My secretary walked out, she asked for one more They got scared, and left, so now there's four Four wack crews outside playin around I said I'll take you wall on, now how does that sound? Not one had heart enough to pick up that mic I said, "OK, I'll let you go, PSYCH!" That's the moral, of this story Never try to take me and Ready Rock's glory Cause if you do, your future looks muddy Cause you just can't beat, me and my buddy Hahah, word, uhh Yeah, ay Ready Rock, hold up hold up hold up Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute What man what? C'mon man, man, I wonder, can, can I just interrupt the record for a second?

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