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Название: He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    [Fresh Prince] Uh uhh, ahh! Ughhhhhhh Yo Jeffrey! Bust it.. What are ya doin in there? Word em up word em up word em up In the place at about this time DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince just bu bu buggin out Losin it all, no sense Ay Jeff, scratch it, scratch it man, scratch it! {Jeff scratches} Ughhhhh.. aw that was decent Now scratch it, a quick joint, a quick one Jeff {Jeff scratches} Ooooooh yeah! Yeah! We just buggin, we just havin some fun Me and Jeffrey He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper Hello.. can anybody hear me? You can? Aight that's good, you can hear me? OK it's clear? It's good? OK everybody's got it? One.. two.. One, two, and.. My rhymes have been written, not to be bitten But as it seems, some suckers keep forgettin the rules about rappin, but that's alright Cause in the next five minutes I'ma have them all uptight Stronger than a dinosaur, better known than Santa Man -- the battles I battle, I usually win em in -- less than a minute, but it all depends on how long -- it takes you rappers to realize that tryin to defend yourself, is ridiculous Didn't you get my message inside of the question cause you're toys boys, I'm the Real McCoy I'm really gonna enjoy seein you destroyed If I was Fred Flintstone, I'd probably own all of Bedrock If I was a criminal I'd probably own a cellblock If I was in the Navy I would own the sea but I'm a +POET+ so I own the whole rap industry I'm like a lion my man, and the streets are my den It's either kill or be killed, so I kill I kill again and again and again The X amount of times, rappers I'll slaughter them I tie em up and throw them in the water then I'll just walk away like no-thin ever happened until somebody else starts rappin That's when I snap and I'll attack and go mad like Rambo or maybe like Commando, or like Lando Calrissian, cause you know he was down with the Force Fresh Prince is the source I feel no pain or remorse Think that you can beat me rappin man you must be silly Man I really really really really really really hate when people, doubt my ability And I have to prove superiority If rap was basketball, I would be in luck Cause everytime I freestyled it would be a slam dunk MAN, I'm the engineer, and you're the passangers Takin on a voyage, a hip-hop massacre The Jason of rap, Freddy Kruger of rhymin And I'm sure that you'll see in due time man People will run, to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to all join in, to this Fresh Prince mania My face in magazines, on your radio or stereo Everywhere you go, audio and video A hip-hop terrorist, war like vocalist Other rappers say, "Yo Prince why don't you show me this style now," you must be trippin It ain't no way in hell I'ma let you put your lip in my rhyme cause it's a timebomb, I'm not kiddin My rhyme explodes the second it gets bitten I'm quick and nimble, a status symbol I shop at Macy's now but I used to shop at Gimble's I'll, drop kick a hurricane, bodyslam a tidal wave Walk through a tornado, or a volcano But I'll be OK though And here's some more info that you rappers should know You are the bombs and I will defuse you I am the lawyer and I'm goin to accuse you of the ultimate rhyme crime, and you will be guilty There's no way that you'll ever ever defeat beat me rappin any time of day Pop so much trash, man I can't wait to be face to face, and hear Jeff say, "Sick 'em" Man you're gonna be my victim You better duck, and pray for good luck Chuck, cause you're stuck You're like a Thanksgiving turkey and it's time to be plucked I see you're nervous purpose that's how I now you're soft You're runnin round like a chicken with your head cut off But just relax my power to the max And I'm cuttin no slack on this rap track, Jack So back up, as if you got good sense OR FEEL THE FURY.. of the Prince! And ya don't stop Yo Jazzy, why don't you rock up the spots Yo Jazzy, hey Jeff I'm psyched, I'm psyched Give em a cut Jeff {Jeff scratches} Ooooooh-weeeeeee! Check out my dish-jockey! Ay Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey, a fast one {Jeff scratches} Uh-huh, yeah, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh {Jeff scratches} Wow, ay Jeff Jeff, give em one of them fresh ones A fresh one Jeffrey {Jeff scratches} No music, no music {Jeff scratches} Wooooooo, that was decent, that was decent That's my DJ, that's my DJ Jazzy Jeff, I'm the Fresh Prince {*echoes*} Hi {hi} how ya doin? How's everyone doin out there? OOOOOOOOOH! {Jeff scratches} I'm just here to talk about my DJ I was just I was just standin in here, really Really? Aight, okay, umm On behalf of DJ Jazzy Jeff, and the Fresh Prince .. .. "Groove then get down!" {Jeff scratches} Thank you, and good night {*echoes*}

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