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Название: Human Video Game
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: He's The DJ I'm The Rapper
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    {Ready Rock does the intro to Donkey Kong} [Fresh Prince] Ever since I was younger, I was into video games Tron or whatever, it didn't matter the name Thousands of my dollars, have been poured into all types of games, tryin to get the high score But now I think I have a favorite It's me against an ape, he's got my girl, I've got to save her! Oh no, I feel an attach comin on Yo Ready Rock C I wanna play a game of Donkey Kong! {Ready Rock does the entire intro and starts beatboxing after} [Fresh Prince] It used to be a problem this addiction I have I would feel the urge, then I'd go stark raving mad! Break into the arcade, screamin and hollerin Anticipatin puttin twenty-five dollars in any machine, I was out of control! I didn't need quarters I brought, $10 bank rolls Bags of quarters, I was insane People thought that I worked there, and asked me for change But I would get defensive and yell, "LEAVE ME ALONE! These are my quarters stupid, GO GET YOUR OWN!" Dude walked away with this look in his eyes like, "Yo man.. I wonder what's wrong with that guy?" I was addicted, a video burn-out and I would crazy when the guy would have to turn out the lights at midnight, I'd fall on my knees and say, "Have a heart pal, one more game please?" Some nights I might sleep on the subway or outside of the arcade til it opened up the next day And when it opened at a quarter to ten it was the same old thing all over again I was doin bad, my future was bleek I'd rather play games than eat or sleep until one day, this guy came along He didn't have a radio but he was playin a song I got curious, so I said, "YO! What's that noise?" {What noise? I don't know!} "No fool, that noise you was makin there!" {What this?! *starts beatboxing*} "Yeahhhh! That was def man, where'd you learn to do that?" {Man, I don't know, I guess I always knew that I had this talent deep down inside You wanna hear some more man?} "Yeah!" {Come on let's take a ride} He made sounds like I never HEARD before and he still had more! Then he got me hyped when he played this incredible song and I +LOST MY MIND+ when Ready C played Donkey Kong {Ready Rock does the intro, Kong shaking the beams, the "How High Can You Go?" music, and the actual game sounds} Yo Ready, get funky with it! {Ready gets busy on the beatbox} Yo Jeff man what you doin? Give Ready a hand {Jazzy Jeff throws on another beat} Now my life is wonderful and I feel great I haven't been in an arcade since seventy-eight Thanks to Ready C I'm on an upward trail Because he's always by my side, he never fails me Whenever I have a video attack he's right there by my back, keepin me on track So if I bug out, and act like a lunatic he does Donkey Kong, and as soon as it gets to my eardrums, from his vocal chords I get hyped up! No matter how bored I am, he always comes through Oh my fault, hold up, wait, let me tell you who Ready Rock C, here's a brief description of the things that he can do in his musical position Ready Rock C makes sounds with his mouth Yo Ready give an example of what I'm talkin about {Ready Rock beatboxes and then does Pac Man's death sound} {GAME OVER!} {Yo, Scrammy, why you still standin there?} {The game is over.. HAHAHAHAHA, sucker!}

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