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Название: The Reverend
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: And In This Corner...
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    [ INTRO: The Fresh Prince acting as 'The Reverend' ] Now brothers and sisters There comes a time in your life you've got to get up and get busy Can I get a witness? (Yes, brother, yes!) Now I don't know if you're prepared to embark upon this journey But the time is running out Brother Jazzy, break it down [ VERSE 1: The Fresh Prince ] Liggedy-ladies and gentlemen, hello, and how are you doin all? Now there's a problem that we really have got to solve In our society there's a big mess People are having entirely too much stress And me and Jeff, yo, we've been workin on A way to ease your everyday burdens of Work and school, because we thought that we should Make a record that makes people feel good This is a remedy, simple and basic You work too hard, come on, face it You gotta treat yourself, you deserve it Dance like a wild person, come on, you earned it Young and old and old and young Relax, come on, cool out, come and get some You gotta let yourself go get loose, it's Cool . dance to the music [ VERSE 2: The Fresh Prince ] Say ?J-e-f? this beat is def Can I get a witness, Jeff? (Yes) Are you ready to start things off yet? (-) Aight bet Clap your hands and dance, come on, let's do this Here is a hip-hop track with a new twist Designed to ignite a subliminal dance fuse And even if you can't dance, you can't lose! It's for everybody, you included We hooked up a beat and a rhyme and e.q.-ed it We put it on a tape and took it to [Name] And then we . yo Jeff, where's my beat at? Oh, there it is, back to the story line The music and rhyme are designed to make you have a (good time) At the party, or wherever you hear it pumpin Get up and twist or breakdance or shake somethin Yo man, this groove is all of that! And it's different from anything we've done, in fact I might even go as far as to say This cut shines bright on the darkest day And sometimes you really need some light Like when your teacher or boss ain't actin right This will quench your thirst to chill, it hits the spot Give em a taste, yo Jeff, let the beat rock ( *only the beat is heard* ) [ BREAK: The Fresh Prince acting as 'The Reverend' ] Now Brother Jazzy Please enlighten us with a bassline ( *Jazzy Jeff lets the bassline play* ) And for all the people assembled before us Brother Jazzy, scratch ( *Jazzy Jeff cuts* ) [ The Fresh Prince ] We're at the top, not the bottom or the middle We're the freshest, the deffest, the best, Jeff, cut it up a little (Oh, I get it, you wanna dance!) [ VERSE 3: The Fresh Prince ] Ahhhh... the time is now to get up and dance and move And clap and jump and jam and feel the groove I want you wigglin and jigglin and stompin and shakin And showin your approval for the records me and Jeff are makin We got a brand new album out And dancin and shakin and movin is what it's all about We want everybody to get busy You're not down with the Rev, then get with it This is a new age, history turned a new page They said that we would decay and I say who do they Think they're dealing with, a couple of amateurs? I'm willin to bet to where this jam hits At your job and at your school dance and also on the radio Winter inside the house, summer on the patio Let me get out of here before I lose it But remember the motto, y'all: dance to the music [ OUTRO: The Fresh Prince acting as 'The Reverend' ] Now now Ladies and gentlemen of the congregation We realize you are not in a position to get up and dance right now So we'd like to ask of you, if you're in your car, honk your horn Honk your horn to the rhythm We'd like to ask, if you're behind the desk at your job We'd like you to tap your pen and pencil to the rhythm If you're walkin down the street You can be a little discreet And snap your fingers to the beat But if you are in a position To get up and dance We'd like to ask you to wiggle and jiggle everything you got And get involved with it This has been the Reverend signin off Signin off Signin off

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