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Название: Everything That Glitters (Ain't Always Gold)
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: And In This Corner...
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    Aw man put that ol' dumb horn down Hey Jazzy, Jazzy Show this boy what some real music 'posed to sound like (heh hah haa!) one two three four whoooo! Now that's a record Now that's a record Go Jazzy Go Jazzy Go! I want to be remembered for the songs that sing Not only for the humor but for the knowledge I bring To broaden the horizons of others is why I rap this Enlightening minds with my lyrical tactics In life everything ain't always what it seems But people are enchanted by the things that gleam Ya know, bright fancy cars big yachts and mansions All the beaches of Aruba with your girlie romancin' Now I'm about to tell you a very interesting fable More fun than when you first got cable The moral to be learned from this story to be told Is that everything that glitters ain't always gold On July the 11th I was sittin' at home Talkin' to my girlfriend Gina on the telephone Flippin' through the newspaper checkin' the news When I saw an advertisement for a Carribean cruise It said Sunny Skies and Romantic Nights On and Incredible Ship and I got hyped They said it's like The Love Boat baskin' in the sun Promisin' fun for you and for everyone I said that's dope, baby ya down? She said yeah we can leave right now! The very next day I put the check in the mail And one week later we were ready to sail The brochure said that the boat it was large But it was nothin' but a broken down part of a barge And if it wasn't for my girlfriend I wouldn'ta went Because the captain was a cross-eyed hunchback with a limp The cruise was paid for and the food was free So I said what the hell and set out to sea It didn't take long to notice somethin' was wrong The ship was a mess and we were the only ones on it I didn't wanna panic so I chilled for a while 'Til the captain pulled up on what we thought was a deserted isle We looked onto the beach and almost went berserk We saw 300 natives with spears and grass skirts They said hungadungdadiggidadungadoo I said hey baby I guess that means get off the boat The chief said they needed a human sacrifice I said well just take my girl (hehe) psych! I was jokin' but things got serious The leader came out and he was furious He got in my face and his breath was the worst I said hey baby you got some mints in your purse? His breath was stinkin' with gunky brown teeth And two big crusty ashy hairy feet The worst thing he had no toenails in his toes And a big pterodactyl birdbone in his nose I tried to reason with him; he wasn' with it He said crungashenko that meant forget it He said goondashonkang dabongdaboo That meant tonight we're havin' Fresh Prince Stew Then I saw it--no it's not The big Indiana Jones people cookin' pot! I wanted to fight 'em but there was no way to beat 'em I thought to myself Where's Tarzan when you need him? Just as they were contemplatin' cookin' us up We had a major stroke of luck a Navy ship pulled up The troops came off and they got us out of the pot And I said to the chief Yo I get wit'cha, hops The guy that rescued us said I hate to tell you The captain of ya ship he had just escaped from Bellview We've been following him and finally we caught him We're sorry there's no way that you can possibly get a refund A thousand dollars and a weekend down the drain But a lesson well learned so let me explain There's a very important message that needs to be told Is that everything that glitters ain't always gold

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