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Название: The Men Of Your Dreams
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: And In This Corner...
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    [ The Fresh Prince on the phone ] Hello? Yeah, this is Prince, who's this? Yo, what's up baby, how you doin? Oh, I'm tryin to see you on a personal tip You know that, right? Heh Ah come on You been tellin me that for years You're a little bit older than me, you know? You're 30 years old and I'm 20 Age ain't nothin but a number, baby Hey look, I'm young but I'm real strong Heh Hey look, I know that, I know, I know I can't sport you around in my Benzito And take you out to dinner and be seen You know That's cool, though I tell you what I tell you what Got a remedy for this problem This is what I want you to do I want you to get a globe, right? I want you to spin the globe, spin it hard baby Pick anywhere in the world And I'll take you there We'll be together, alright? You with that? [ The Fresh Prince ] Greek mythological gods are inferior Studs and playboys, come on, I'm superior Any man can look and see where the curves are It takes a real man to find where the nerves are Women like huggin, kissin and carressin And eh . ssssslooowww undressin Calm down, chill out, take your time, dude Don't be all rough and fast like a monsoon Women are soft and fragile, you know delicate It's really not appealin to then when the fella gets All worked up and rushes to the pinnacle You might think so, but yo, they ain't with it though Candlelight dinner, just you and her in a Nice restaurant is always a winner Then ah . if she is first rate and on the first date She says no, be patient, don't push her, just wait Because a woman is a gift to a man They like you +real+ hard but with a gentle hand So get your act together cause if you're trippin up If you're slippin up, then F.P. is pickin up All of y'all slack men, cause what you're lackin I fill up, so ain't no need to come back, man Everything ain't always the way that it seems I'm the Fresh Prince, baby doll, and I'm the man of your dreams [ Jazzy Jeff on the phone ] Yo, what's up Yeah, this Jeff Yeah, I heard you talked to Prince today, huh? Yeah Let me guess He's 'young but strong' Yeah I kinda figured that Let me ask you a question Did he kick the 'globe' line on you? Yeah, I thought so I heard that before too Look, I'm not into geography So I'm not gonna ask you to spin no globe and point to where you wanna go Or spend no dollars or even do back-semis when I come in the room Because I'm not into that You know, all I'm askin for is 60 minutes of your time And I can set the whole record straight You know what I'm sayin? [ Jazzy Jeff ] I'm not tryin to say nothin that's hard or complex Or get you psyched with a pose or body flex I win your lovin with a paid vacation You know, I'm more into a intellectual stimulation I make your mind feel good, your body follows it I pour lovin in, your mind swallows it I'm not dissin Prince, cause he's my friend But boys'll be boys and men'll be men Ladies, your battery's unstable? Jazzy Jeff got the world's best jumping cables 14'000 volts of pure intimacy That's enticin to you? Yeah, it was meant to be Don't debate the great flow of fate Let he who's Jazzy have you concentrate Think of me and you makin love as a team I'm Jazzy Jeff, baby doll, and I'm the man of your dreams [ The Fresh Prince ] Yo Jeff, what up, hop? [ Jazzy Jeff ] What's up, man? [ The Fresh Prince ] Hey, I heard that you was tryin to talk to my girl Man, what's up with that? [ Jazzy Jeff ] What, your girl? [ The Fresh Prince ] Yeah, my girl, I heard you heard you was tryin to talk to my girl What's up [ Jazzy Jeff ] Nah, it ain't even like that, you know If you was kickin stronger game She wouldn't have to call me [ The Fresh Prince ] Stronger game? Yo, you was tryin +push up+ on my girl I wanna know what's up with that [ Jazzy Jeff ] Once again . your girl? [ The Fresh Prince ] Yeah [ Jazzy Jeff ] I think you better get the record straight, man [ The Fresh Prince ] Ah You said my girl was pushin up on you Ain't too much to be pushin up on! [ Jazzy Jeff ] I mean that's true, you know But you know you kickin that 'spin the globe' and all of that crazy stuff She ain't with that [ The Fresh Prince ] Aight, aight, aight We ain't even gotta go into this Hey, I'm confident in myself I'm sure you're confident in yourself We'll let her decide [ Jazzy Jeff ] Yeah, you know We can let her decide over a nice candlelight dinner at my spot Cause that's where she gon' be tonight [ The Fresh Prince ] Oh heh . dinner You better hope she can +make+ it to dinner after she had lunch with me [ Jazzy Jeff ] Oh yeah? [ The Fresh Prince ] Yeah, word up [ Jazzy Jeff ] You lead it off, I end it off [ The Fresh Prince ] Yeah alright, homie You better check yourself 'fore you wreck yourself [ Jazzy Jeff ] Ooh, I'm scared, I'm scared

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