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Название: Jeff Waz On The Beat Box
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: And In This Corner...
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    There was a party the other day Around my way They asked if me and Jeff would play We said okay We nipped out to get the hip hop apparatus Came back with the posse in full effect status While Jeff set up, I said "check one two y'all" Everybody clap lets begin to ball I was rapping a capella but I had to stop Because chaos broke because Jeff waz on the beat box Just cut it up Jeff Did you know that parties were all the same when we came up We had to rearrange and make a change I remember how it was people standing still The music was wack so they chose to get ill People started breaking and fights would start to break out This is the reason why some people make out Hip-hop to be bad Because of this behaviour Then like a miracle two musical saviours One with a microphone The other with tables Both up ready both willing and able Burst on the scene like TNT People said, "who can it be?" Cant you see it's Jeff and me We all blazed as musical scholars Fast admiration ??? dollars Couple of kids with a bright idea Didn't want a 9 to 5 made rap careers People tried to diss and make the egos shrink But we believe in ourselves so to hell what they think Moving like a freight train we can't be stopped Especially when I'm on the microphone and Jeff is on the beat box Yo cut it up Jeff I know I talk about Jeff a whole hell of a lot But straight up man you gotta give him his props There's not many people who can do what he does Marly Marl, Teddy Riley and herbie the luvebug But other than that there's not many around That can take that box and make it sound Like anything that you could possibly want Now heres a rhyme that sums it up Jeff is diggy diggy d dope and You DJ's out there keep hopin His beat boxers will be broken But you might as well just keep hopin You think he can your mis-taken Our records he is brizzeakin (breakin0 (Come on man you can mix) Grammy winning musicians His beat box is a kizz- kickin And all my rhymes are hizz-hittin The albums out so go get it There ain't no way we st-stopping We got the party rizzockin (rockin) We got the crowd a hip hoppin When Jeff is on the beat box chance to rock Jeff waz on the beat box One more time scratch Jeff Mmm lets see what's next on the agenda That's right oh yeah I've got it I remember I was discussin when Jeff's on stage Yeah hands clap Ya feet tap Ya eardrums pulsate Ya body will move As ya flow with the groove And you smile as he composes this new rap tune When he's on the stage he can't be stopped Specially when I'm on the microphone and Jeff is on the beat box

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