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Название: Who Stole the D.J.
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: Before The Willenium
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Let, Let, Let's Go Calling all cars, calling all cars Be on the lookout someone has stolen the D.J. Agent F.P. get on the case immediately Lets, Lets Go I Got the call about eleven fifteen Twelve o'clock arrived on the scene Looked around and things were ill The party was at a dead stand still People sittin' around no music The situation was somewhat confusing But I'm a detective I knew right away what happened Somebody stole the D.J . Who or why I had no clue But I knew what I had to do No eat no sleep, just work Then walked past this fly mini-skirt I had to dis her quick before she greeted Come on baby I'm working, beat it Come on I'm busy, just go away Gotta find out who stole the D.J. Lets, Lets Go This mystery needed to quickly be solved Cause there were kids involved Friday and Saturday nights had no songs Why, because the D.J. was gone Smiles you used to dance and sing around Now were replaced by frowns And it was up to me to solve the mystery And get back the disc jockey I found an eye witness But his breath wreaked of chitlins All I know is his breath did pound Buddy forget it, just write it down No fingerprints no clues The only witness was the bad breath dude It was up to me to save the day And find out who stole the D.J. Lets, Lets Go Through the door this dame walked in I swear to James Bond a perfect ten I thought to myself I'm working just forget it Then I thought well maybe I've got a minute So I took her down to the station To the back room for some interrogation Captain doesn't like it, but I must confess I interrogate best when I'm undressed We were in there for hours drained To see who would break first, me or the dame Then she broke, and her mind was my possession (Prince I love you) That wasn't the question I only wanna know one thing I've gotta make the kids dance and sing So tell me now cause crime don't pay baby Who stole the D.J. I scarrowed the city but still no clue Lost like a cause, what should I do Then like a bolt of ligtening it hit me Ah, the worst villain in the city I wasn't prepared for what was in store He had stolen the D.J. before You all know this ruthless foe To his hideout (let, lets go) Tip toed up the steps Slowly and ever so quietly I crept But out of nowhere I was attacked Just like in the movies, clubbed from the back I felt like a fool (man, you need to go back to private eye school) I was the dunce of the day There I was tied up with the D.J. Let's Go There we were both tied to a pole I told the D.J. relax its under control (Relax man, we both goin' down you can't even keep yourself untied) Do you want to be free or not I'm gonna get us out of this tight spot I planned this all along cap There a knife in my swiss army hat With the blade I cut the rope (Man your secret services spy hats dope) I radio'd for back up cars So we could put this crook behind bars Another criminal off the streets Another D.J. back to his beats I walked in the club and I was happy to say Ladies and gentlemen, here's your D.J. Let's Go Calling all cars, calling all cars Be on the lookout, (let, lets go) Someone has stolen another D.J. Calling private eye Fresh Prince Be on the lookout (let, lets go) Someone has stolen another D.J. Get on the case immediately Lets Go, Lets Go, Lets Go, Lets Go

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