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Название: I'm All That
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: Homebase
Год: 1991
Язык: Английский

    Spill the beans on the table I always say. Extra, Extra read all about Fresh Prince is back You wonder how it Happen I wasn.t rappin. For a long time But now I.m back with a strong rhyme Look, near the camera, snap my picture I.ll sign my name on it, then I get richer Like LL said don.t call it a comeback And face the fact Jack I.m all that (I know ya gonna dig this) Here I am in the flesh (Who is) I.m the funky, funky, funky fresh Rhyme authority Rhythm console Hip-hop liaison Rap Ambassador Do the daring, the king of the cut Prince of poetry and all that stuff Sexy, sexy, making the honey.s yell Girlies passin. out, ah well Back from the dead, like Jason People thought I was over, they were erasin. Me and Jeff.s names out of the hit list But ah, ah, ah not so quick Comin. back at cha Can.t go back at cha Catch this fast ball I.m throwin. at y.all Wake up and smell the coffee, I.m back now Thanks for keeping my girl warm for me, pal The man with the cape, the crown in the center Out for a while, but wisely kept up Pen and paper, so when I had my Oppor-tun-ity, to rap. I set my goals and then I shot for What I do best, funny, to hell with hardcore Voice on radio, face on TV Spankin. new funky rhymes on a CD Out to attack The wack Full contact It.s gonna be a long night go get a knapsack I gotta getta make ya face the fact That I.m the best rapper on wax I.m all that (Get wicked) Get up, get down, get funky, get loose I.m the best show and I got proof In the past there was always that kid doubted But now I.m back and there.s no doubt about it The writing is on the wall (Come on) Gimme ya mike and a stage and I.m a rip it, rip it, up y.all Coz I can flow Is there another rapper in the world, like me, hell no! No ones like me Others try to bite me Bad deba deba bad mike me Someone like me somewhere To just not hear Where the hell they at Who cares? Coz your got the ace in the hole The simple lover brother Numero uno The rapper with soul comin. out a little on the new tip for those of you that thought I couldn.t do this yo well consider it done it.s the same got the parents just don.t understand the same one people said that I couldn.t rap ha ha ha well you can stop that coz I.m a rapper and a half and in the past I chose to make people laugh and I was criticized for that some called me soft, some called me wack I gotta admit y.all I felt bad (Who.d ya call) so as usual I called my Dad He.s sort of a fifty-one year old Casanova He said son, "Yo, come on over." He sat me down and he told me this Son when your all that, you.re gonna get dissed He put his arms around me and he said son I was all that when I was young So pump that point on And set my sights on Making a record that people thought was the: height jon, height joint, high joint??? Philly, born and raised I.ve been Gone for days I can.t wait to get back With my new track Rhyme like lava Voice like a volcano I rhyme through your radio Words like draedo A Porsche nine eleven and I don.t stall Jack (Yo) We all that

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