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Название: Ring My Bell (Mr. Lee's Radio Mix)
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: Homebase
Год: 1991
Язык: Английский

    Intro Yo yo yo yo Yo yo yo yo (Ring my bell, ring my bell) Yo yo yo yo Yo yo yo yo (Ring my bell, ring my bell) Verse 1: I'm just a telephone call away You can pick it up and call me any day And Ima listen to all you got to say Cause I'm the type of man that never turn a woman away Think of this as an invitation Your heart to mine in a conversation So when things get to much to bare like The Jackson 5 "I'll be there" Just call me up on the telephone Call me up when you're all alone And I'll give you a verbal massage Until your man gets home Or if you want to you know what you could do, well You could always hop in your car and you could come and ring my bell Chorus Ring my bell, ring my bell (Ring my bell, ring my bell) Ring my bell, ring my bell (Ring my bell) RI-I-ING!!! Verse 2: I hate to see you cry, tear after tear while this guy Plays you like your life is a game I've seen his type and there all the same Breaking your heart without a care Girl if I was in you shoes he'd be outta there Your man is wak good for nothin' but flack I'd tell him to pack and hit the road Jack Who loves ya baby I do you know he doesn't care about you let him go Where he at now? You don't know Layin' up under some hold up wait just let me chill no need for me to get ill Cause yo I'm the best but yo time will tell But I'll be here so ring my bell Chorus Verse 3: Now I know this sounds like a fairy tale But this ain't no children's book I'm here, for you to take me dear Just open your eyes and look at What the future holds for you and if you lunch then you might ruin Something great don't make a big mistake pay attention to what you're doing Life is full of pitfalls, ups and downs It's sort of a mission now you're on a rocky road But you could get up just make that decision That you want someone to love you adore you and hold you and treat you well So when you're ready to be treated that way baby you can ring my bell

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