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Название: The Magnicient Jazzy Jeff
Исполнитель: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Альбом: Rock The House
Год: 1987
Язык: Английский

    Some deejays are (good) some deejays are (fresh) Some deejays are even (def) But here's a little somethin 'bout my deejay (The magnificient) Jazzy Jeff So bust this beat (Disc) (jock) Yo Jazzy [ VERSE 1: The Fresh Prince ] Well, it's true that I'm the reigning king of the throne But with all my strength, I couldn't do it alone I need a deejay like (Jazzy) to back me up So when I'm rockin on the mic he's on the crossfade cut Scratchin and mixin, mixin and scratchin Second after second it's the record he's catchin His hands are so fast that it's a medical riddle With the turntable split and the mixer in the middle Back and forth his hands fly With the speed of a cheetah that'll puzzle your eye Record after record, he has no mercy Cuts left, cuts right, then he cuts vice versa I'm not exaggerating, I said it and I meant it I resent it if you say that his cuts are precedented He's a lean, mea,n wreckin machine He gets respected like a king when he's on the scene So bust a move, cause you know he's def He's my deejay (the magnificient) Jazzy Jeff [ VERSE 2: The Fresh Prince ] People often ask me everytime I emcee Why do I brag so much about my disc jockey? Well, the reason that I brag and I boast the most Is cause my deejay is the most from coast to coast (The magnificient) Jazzy Jeff, wack destroyer Cuttin up records like a samurai warrior If you deejays don't know who I'm talkin to (I'm talkin to you) so (come on) Cause in a battle you cannot win Cause my deejay will (tear yo butt limb from limb!) He's like a runaway tank, a hip-hop rebel And if you wanna battle, you best bring a shovel My man, so you can dig your grave Cause there's no way that you could ever be saved Because (the deejay cuts the record) to create the sound (The deejay cuts the record) he's the best around (The deejay cuts the record) you know he's down His name is Jazzy Jeff a/k/a Jeff Townes Commandin the cut he's always on track He's DJ Jazzy Jeff and he's a cut maniac So for your personal safety you should be told That my DJ Jazzy Jeff is (out of control) (Oh my God) (Out of control) (My goodness) Alright Jazzy We gon' do somethin a little different right now This is what I want you to do for me I want you to tell all these people your name Jazzy, tell em your name (He's Jazzy) (His name is Jeff) Yo Jazzy, I want you to tell all these people How many of those deejays out there can get with you (None) (None of them) How many? (None of them) Tell the truth (None) (None of them) (None of them) Now make the record burp ( *Jazzy Jeff produces burping sounds with the record* ) Say excuse me ( *Jazzy Jeff makes the scratch sound like an 'excuse me'* ) Now make it sound like a bird ( *Jazzy Jeff makes the record sound like a bird singing* ) Now make it chirp ( *the sound changes from singing to chirping *) [ VERSE 3: The Fresh Prince ] Now here's a story that should not be forgot About the day my deejay turned into an autobot He got struck by lightning in an electrical storm He got on the wheels of steel and began to transform ( *Jazzy Jeff transforms* ) His name is Jeff, and he's as swift as a swiff The type of guy that other deejays don't want to have to reckon with He's by my side as I rock the mic All of his vigorous cuts are sure to excite you They'll delight you, you know that that's right, if you Were a stick of dynamite, his cuts would ignite you The deejay on the weels can't be matched So (check out Jazzy Jeff with a cold cut scratch) (Good) (Jazzy) (The magnificient) (Jazzy Jeff) ( *JJ brings James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' into the mix) (Ain't it funky)

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