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Название: I Love Lake Tahoe
Исполнитель: A
Альбом: Exit Stage Right (Live)
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Four long years ago, searching for the snow We found the Tahoe lakes, just about the perfect place 50 Runs at 'Heavenly', and the nights at 'Squaw Valley' Yeah, the trees are pretty wide, "That's where Sonny bono died" All is quiet on New Years day, think I'll try and impress my mates So I jump into the lake, I won't do that again, here we go again.... The south shore has the lot, and last month Dave Lee Roth did a solo spot And some German bloke got shot, every year we say the same "Try somewhere different for a change", but we jump on to the plane Yeah, here we go again

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