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Название: Jason's Addiction
Исполнитель: A
Альбом: Monkey Kong
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    Pretty scary how they know you, it depends who you talk to From the end to the beginning, only happy when we're singing Smiling for the camera, crazy silly monsters, they think everything is great Black and white not colour, eight times ten, no bigger, not tonight it ain't You can try and put the face on, you can talk but it all goes wrong You can put it in an album, like the "90's never happened" Everything is easy, but they won't believe me, I think I deserve a say Beds are made for sharing, but I'm way past caring, not tonight it ain't Trying to remember, nothing lasts forever, live it before it gets too late On the never ever, pretty good together, not tonight it ain't

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