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Название: Cosy Prisons
Исполнитель: A-Ha
Альбом: Analogue
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    Take a moment if you dare Catch yourself a breath of air There's another life out there And you should try it Dead ends hide on every street Look before you place your feet Cracks and fissures keep the beat And you're inside it Every thought you never dared to think Every mood you always knew would sink Every line you spoke out loud in a jest All the time you took to be your best Soon forgotten The sun must never touch your skin It could expose the dark within You're paranoid about the paranoia And panic hits without a sign You worry about it all the time Every perfect moment is a hidden warning Cuz everything makes your pretty head spin And nagging thoughts are starting to sink in With everything this way it's better to forget Than end up in a place with something to regret Your transatlantic shopping spree Your health forever guarantees Organic -bio-life's a breeze in cosy prisons But hiding out in a salad bar Isn't gonna get you far and bottled wine is vinegar tomorrow Everything around here makes your pretty head spin Its piling up high and you're back where you begin Moments you have tried so hard to forget Are promising to 've been the best one's yet Everytime you shut your eyes it appears Everytime you trace your steps back here None of your convictions have the same old ring No doubt you found a place for everything In cosy prisons So if you're careful You won't get hurt But if your careful all the time Then what's it worth?

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