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Название: The Summers Of Our Youth
Исполнитель: A-Ha
Альбом: Analogue
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    (Magne) There's nothing you can say To make me change my mind It happens all the time Just let the plot unwind As we look back and see Our yesterdays entwine The beauty and the truth The summers of our youth And you can go there anytime The movies on your mind And you can see it clearly where we overstepped the line (Morten) Whatcha gonna do when lights go out whatcha gonna think it's all about whatcha gonna do when time is up whatcha gonna do to make it change the way you feel? (Magne) Our life's a precious gift You've felt it once or twice But everything comes once But once a million times But you you can find it anywhere You know I speak the truth I wish there was a way back to the summers of our youth (Morten) Whatcha gonna do when time is up Whatcha gonna do to make a start Whatcha gonna do when lights go out Whatcha gonna think it's all..... think it's all about

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