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Название: Sunny Mystery
Исполнитель: A-Ha
Альбом: Foot of the mountain
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский

    You can run through every forest You can sail in the seven seas You can climb the highest mountain To try and dissolve these memories In case you never knew it You can’t undo it You can jump off the edge of the world Hide out in some monastery Lose your mind in meditation And never put your mind at ease You think you’re running to it But you are wading through it A sunny mystery Life is the dream that you wake up to Dreams are the life from which you wake Everybody makes the extra effort Never knowing what to do But you know the answer Yeah, you know the score It feels just like before It’s a sunny mystery That’s how it’s got to be Because no one knows for sure The outcome of this Sunny mystery

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