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Название: Out Of Blue Comes Green
Исполнитель: A-Ha
Альбом: Stay On These Roads
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    Father My wings are clipped See the steps that made me trip Now I'm so lonely Mother Time's frozen flame Seem to linger in the rain Holding me only Like a river I'm flowing And there's no way of knowing If I'm coming or going I need something to chain me down But it don't matter My eyes have seen... For better Out of blue comes green Mother I have gone wrong Work my fingers to the bone All I've been doing Father Proud that I am To be born into such hands Your love so renewing And I know I can lose it Part of life... you can't choose it As I touched the horizon It just felt like I'd die soon Don't matter My eyes have seen For better Out of blue comes green

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