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Название: Two's Up
Исполнитель: AC|DC
Альбом: Blow Up Your Video
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    Three is company Come on, Last stand Down to my last dime I ain't got the sense to leave The dealers cutting fine Last draw Back against the wall Depending where the money is Is where I'm gonna fall Ace high Hide your poker eyes I didn't want to laugh too much When I picked up the prize Lady Luck Standing at my side I'll leave with more than I brought in And I get out with my life I get out with my life I go, you go, she go, we go Two's up, it's a two's up Give me head, give me tails Give me doubled up and coming doubled over on the rails Give me two's up, it's what I want High up When you're looking down Then you see two animals Just fooling you around Stray dogs Gonna take them in I don't know what your names are But you're gonna break them in All day It's difficult to say Who is doing what to whom Who's out of the play I love The way you slide and slip Love the way you girls work out And make the partnership Make that partnership Two's up, two's up Like your partnership Like the way you slip There ain't nothing like a two's up That's the way it is, two's up It's what I want to hear Give me head, give me tails Give me doubled up and coming over on the rails Two's up, it's locomotion Two's up, you're drivin' me wild Give me high, give me low Give me twice the satisfaction Twice the pot of gold And it's a two's up It's gonna be two's up We're gonna have a two's up, two's up, two's up, two's up There ain't nothin' like a two's up

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