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Название: Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Исполнитель: AC|DC
Альбом: Let There Be Rock
Год: 1977
Язык: Английский

    Hey you - Sometimes I think this woman is kinda hot Sometimes I think this woman is sometimes not Puts me down, fools me around What's she doing to me? Out for satisfaction, any piece of action That ain't the way it should be She needs love, smells out a man She's gotta see Pours my beer, licks my ear Brings out the devil in me Hell ain't a bad place to be Spends my money, drinks my booze, stays out every night And I got to thinking, "Hey, just a minute, something ain't right" Disillusions and confusion Make me want to cry All the same, you lead your games Tellin' me your lies Don't mind her playing a demon As long as it's with me If this is hell then you could say It's heavenly Hell ain't a bad place to be Late at night turns down the lights Closes up on me Opens my heart, tears it apart Brings out the devil in me Hell ain't no bad place to be

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