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Название: Crazy For You
Исполнитель: Adele
Альбом: 19
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский
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    Found myself today singing out loud your name. You said I'm crazy, if I am I'm crazy for you. Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here turns me crazy, but its you who makes me lose my head, yeah. And everytime I'm meant to be acting sensible you drift into my head and turn me into a crumbling fool. Tell me to run and I'll race, if you want me to stop I'll freeze. And if you are me gonna leave, just hold me closer baby. And make me crazy for you. Crazy for you. Lately with this state Im in I can't help myself but spin. I wish you'd come over send me spinning closer to you. I keep on trying and fighting this feelin away, but the more I do the crazier I turn into. My oh my, how my blood boils, it's sweet taste for u. It strips me down bare and gets me into my favourite mood. Paseing floors and opening doors hoping you'll walk through and save me boy. Because I'm too crazy for you. Crazy for you.

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