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Название: Critical Mass
Исполнитель: Aerosmith
Альбом: Gems
Год: 1988
Язык: Английский

    arriving in boats, black hooded coats tormentors climbed into my room i crawled under my bed, covered my head but they're flushin' me out with a broom the leader, she's small, pinned my ass to the wall for my seeds or she'd be losin' her past time after time, she'd be readin' my mind but she never got the feelin' to last celebrate, celebrate, celebraid it this is the critical mass so far so good, I heard the other say so good so far, they're takin' me away I drink to you, your mind, her ass we'll take a drink and break the glass celebrate, celebrate, celebreak it this is the critical mass now the tallest of two, with a brush full of blue paints surrealist scenes on the wall so I tell her for fun, that it's really well done but she just ain't listenin' at all she points to my heart, tellin' me if I'm smart I'll practice and phase out and admit, when the shoe doesn't fit and I went screaming out down the hall need it need your love just then I heard a poundin' on the door we're all here, sang the voice of twenty more I drink to you alas, we'll take a drink and break the glass celebrate, celebrate, celebreak it we are the critical mass time and space, is takin' me away time erase, don't know the time of day

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