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Название: Last Child
Исполнитель: Aerosmith
Альбом: Live Bootleg
Год: 1978
Язык: Английский

    (I'm dreaming tonight, I'm leaving back home. Right!!!!) Take me back to a south Tallahassee Down cross the bridge to my sweet sassafrassy Can't stand up on my feet in the city Got to get back to the real nitty gritty Yes sir, No sir Don't come close to my Home sweet home Can't catch no dose of my hot tail poon-tang sweatheart sweathog ready to make a silk purse from a J Paul Getty and his ear with a face in a beer Home Sweet Home Get out in the field, Put the mule in the stable Ma, she's A cookin' Put the eats on the table Hate's in the City and My love's in the meadow Hand's on the plow and my feets in the ghetto Stand up, sit down Don't do nothin' Ain't no good when boss man's stuffin' Down their throats with paper notes as babies cry While cities lie at their feet When you're rockin' the street Home Sweet Home Mamma take me home sweet home I was the last Child, just a punk in the street.

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