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Название: Draw The Line
Исполнитель: Aerosmith
Альбом: Pandora's Box
Год: 1991
Язык: Английский

    checkmate honey, beat ya at your own damn game no dice honey, I'm livin' on the astral plane feet's on the ground, and your head's goin' down the drain oh, heads I win, tails you lose, to the never mind where to draw the line an Indian summer, Carrie was all over the floor she was a wet net winner, and rarely ever left the store she'd sing and dance all night, and wrong all the right out of me oh, pass me the vile and cross your fingers, it don't take time nowhere to draw the line hi ho silver, we were singin' all your cowboy songs oh, you told Carrie, and promised her you wouldn't be long heads I win, tails you lose, lord it's such a crime no dice honey, you're the salt, you're the queen of the brine checkmate honey, you're the only one who's got to choose where to draw the line checkmate, don't be late take another pull that's right impossible when you got to be yourself you're the boss, the toss the price, the dice grab yourself a slice nowhere to draw the line (he also sings: Ooh, checkmate, dont be late take another bow, you say, you cry so far away and if yousee yourself you're the boss of the toss the dice the price write yourself a song and draw the line)

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