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Название: Kylie
Исполнитель: Akcent
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    Kylie give me... Kylie give me... Baby, you`re the one that melts my heart, I swear I`m not lying Maybe, tonight I`m gonna try my luck I can see that you want me I`m dreaming about you every night; every night! Kylie, give me just a chance, lets go out and dance, We can get into the groove, I can watch you move, Later you can sing to me, like a shining star, But I rather do you on the backseat of my car Baby, take a minute, check me out, I sit on the front row, Baby, I`m the coolest guy in the crowd, I`m sure you have seen me. I`m dreaming about you every night; every night! You drive me crazy, you slowly drive me crazy, Red blooded baby, cant get you off my mind, I should be lucky, I should be so lucky, I should be lucky, to sleep with you tonight. Kylie give me ...

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