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Название: Megaton B-Boy
Исполнитель: Alec Empire
Альбом: Non-Album Songs
Язык: Английский

    I drop a bucket of sexy intellect piss mongoloid Survive driven heated millenial text mostly Closer to chemical icon warchest Shipwrecked incredible hybrid malform mechanism And let the sycophants eat the jism Stuck between butt-naked pre-military draft Schizophonetic we're all gonna burn deer hunter sentiment Infomercial commodity Mason-approved killer cortizone method dialect from infected rhyme tenement Most motherfuckers just civily suck a burrito from a shit box anyway Step up to little Johnny the survive mega-retarded Animals from plastic bubble-dome sulfur oxide A Hanley hospital escapee If you haven't been raped lately Goddamn I shit on it After the acidic high colonic epoxy We dreams dirty words like drones to the hell-out pervs From the automated needles fed bedlam catatonic tirades To the sucker bitch lymph nodes corroding I don't laugh Emasculated remainders have died ambiguously gay Siegfried and Roy intern class mean ghetto They bring us to the fucking gimp festival Conformity's for the castrati court formula art Yo, fuck the afterthoughts where the start The children get their gift from the don't-give-em-shit tree The worlds too delineated from a bitch-force community My shit in a uncommunicible silent snuff film images work consistently Dumb shit conniption El-P activate Megaton B-Boy battle sucker bitch remedial flaccid bone piece metal track catalyst Dust at the scrimmages Flavor collectible faggot MC cop-em' out of miniature Flame show Vocal from a tip dog episode sub-local robot bipartisan codpiece programmable shang knee elbow The latter half of the century hard-rockin' Sounds retarded, doesn't it? I could say eat a dick cookie to turn my back on you Casually comfortable with seven minutes of refreshing relax in the missionary position in Cap the metal clause and a life glistening Who'll rob Chris for controlled substance for sustenance quota Cavity creep incorporated savagery lesson funk quota Pushes through to the background rover Ingested like the flesh of Christ extra nice sacrament matter device Tested and approved loose and forefinger bell-ringer never say the same shit twice Period I am the Lord of the fly-by Shit designer Tesla and Einstein hybrid Bored of the monotonous crime skits and pseudo keep it real independent fine print You're fuckin' with a hot climate I approach as a man with mechanical mandibles Extended in a come scrap with a digital linguist position Faded out from the fact that a skull piece and a prom of display from the feminine drum kit's affliction Man listen Actual fact is my brain bubble that's soaked in the millenial paranoid Cloak of misty eye just maimed another bitchy quadrapeligic metaphor fairy With math ten and a halftime scary I'm riding out soul fishing cloud-killing field fodder Fucked in the brainstem cadet of proletarian hemmorage modern steam The sick is in the Pol-Pottery Who kept the deco shards of the recipients of the snot box bombardment barrage For what is worth the part is the human compartment of psycho arson collage

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