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Название: Night Of Violence
Исполнитель: Alec Empire
Альбом: Non-Album Songs
Язык: Английский

    At first I couldn't move Paralyzed; no chance to escape The rain goes hard on my head I can't see it but I feel its impact Then everything goes dark And my instinct kicks in I have a feeling like I failed a test Put something in motion that I shouldn't have Night of violence Night of violence Night of violence We gonna bring it to you! We gonna bring it to you! Night of violence We gonna do it tonight! I came here to get away Away from everything Rumours and legends Fake achievements It's all fading away Freeze frame of a lightning I have conquered my fear I take a look in the mirror I see a stranger staring at me They took away our freedom Power spreading its poison Kill one soul at a time Enter the undermind Too many of us are willing to die This message is written in blood The tide of madness will swallow us all Night of violence We gonna do it tonight! I hear the sound of the masses They bring back bad memories in me Like something stabs my neck Hits me like a bullet every time I hear it My body wants to die My mind wants to run Makes me feel useless And I wonder who I am

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