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Название: A Little Bitter
Исполнитель: Alice In Chains
Альбом: Live
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    How the mind does shout for rest When the bodies shaken, yeah Oh the tightness in my chest Still your leaves I'm raking Lord is this a test Was it fun creating, yeah? My god's a little sick And he wants me crazy Who Are you Who can say It's ok to live through me? Live to be Part of me You're a wrinkled magazine Yeah Was it something that I said? Was it how they're breaking, yeah I'm so selfish, paying your rent While your blood I'm taking You Spend me Like a tree Dirty dollar bills for leaves Dark in a sea Of my seeds And the tears on which you feed You feed The body is a temple A dormant alter To where infantile men lie around Itching and nibbling For a small piece of sanity Of which you can not give Shit! Individuality Buying pennies with my soul And a little Heaven spent While the Hell I'm taking Thieves Parasites Hide from life You know they'll remember me They are abhored In self-worth All that matters much to me

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