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Название: Shame In You
Исполнитель: Alice In Chains
Альбом: Alice In Chains
Год: 1995
Язык: Английский

    When I awaken And I'm achin' Time for sleepin', yeah When I'm sayin' Time to go and I've been hurtin', yeah When I'm layin' I'm still trying Concentrating on dyin', yeah You're right as rain But you're wrong to blame Agreed my crime's the same My sins I'll claim Give you back shed pain Go find a place for own shame So you can deal with this thing unreal No one made you feel any hurt, yeah Body's movin' Only provin' No one needs to move Still believin' Yet mistaken All God's children, yeah And I must say I was stupid Selfishly she consumed, yeah And you must change Patterns all we trained Or n'er regain peace you seek Now you hear me For the things I see Yeah, I believe in inner peace, yeah Throw out Blow up Hold in Show fine No signs Grow blind

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