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Название: The Life
Исполнитель: Alicia Keys
Альбом: Songs in a Minor
Год: 2001
Язык: Английский

    Verse 1: Everyday I realize that this might be the last day of my life Walkindown the streets I find (heyyyyy) I'm coming closer and closer to losing my mind Cuz when it rains, it pours Isn't life worth more? I don't even know what I'm hustlinfor You gotta do what you gotta do Just to make it through All the hard times that's gonna face you Chorus: This is the life (this is the life) Striving to survive (yeah 6x's) Verse 2: Living will always be a struggle Looking for someone true to love you Looking back I see all the horrors This madness makes me wanna holla I watch slowly, internally I'm dying Pillowcases wet from all my crying Cuz there is nothing more to be here for Take me away I can't live that life no more (chorus 4x's) This is the life Yeah (6x's) (repeat with adlibs till end)

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